Season 6 of Fear The Walking Dead promises to be very different from the others.

Waiting for the start of season 6 of Fear The Walking Dead on October 11 on AMC, you can vote every day just here to take her to the next step in the 2020 Series World Cup. And to wait a little easier, we suggest you discover some news below signed promotional videos AMC which herald big changes in the new episodes. One of the videos is about Morgan and she announces cash that “Morgan Jones is dead”. It is indeed an older and changed Morgan that we can see in the images, which suggests that an important time jump will take place.

Alicia – Credit (s): amc

Morgan – Credit (s): amc

Charlie – Credit (s): amc

Another Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 promo video shows Alicia Clark, making it clear that she can defend herself on her own. The harsh gaze and his words could herald a hardening of his character and a more individualistic attitude in future episodes. It must be said that after having lost all her family, Alicia has something to be confused about. Finally the third video shows young Charlie killing a zombie, which turns out to be much less mysterious than the other 2 videos but which suggests that the young girl should have a more important role in the sequel.


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