After a release on PC and PlayStation 4, is the Fall Guys party-game approaching on our mobiles? In any case, on the side of China, the info seems already confirmed. We share with you what we know.

It is undeniable, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout became a real success from its launch, with more than 2 million copies sold on Steam and surely millions on the Sony console as well. Despite many server concerns, we now only talk about him on Twitch. With its Intercity-style events, the game seems ideal for spending rather nice evenings with friends. And for those who would like to try the experience on their phone or tablet, we have very recent information to share with you. The Chinese company Bilibili has reclaimed the rights to publish the mobile version of Fall Guys. Well, you will understand, this concerns China first.

But if this portage takes place in Asia, it should probably reach us in Europe one of these days. For now, details are meager, and we have no exit window to share. But the announcement is far from surprising since the devs have already declared earlier that they want to offer their production on new platforms. As long as we do, we wouldn’t say no to a small port on Switch either! While waiting to learn more, we share with you these 5 essential tips to win in Fall Guys. And in another article, we explain what the success of the game Fall Guys tells us about the video game industry, in our opinion.


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