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Whooping cough for streamers during the summer of 2020, Fall Guys continues its merry way by being important on Xbox, Switch and the Epic Games Store. It also passes free-to-play for the occasion. An obviously very tempting offer since a tidal wave of new players crashed into the game. Overloaded, some servers have dropped.

Fall Guys fall but don’t bend

Fortunately, the Mediatonic team reacted as quickly as possible, without departing from their characteristic humour. A tweet explained the situation to us with a diagram drawn in Paint:

to celebrate the launch of Free for All [la première saison free-to-play, ndlr], I had made a cake, but I dropped it on the servers and now I have to remove the icing from the computer bits

but hey, I’m going to make us a cake again, it doesn’t matter

thank you all for your patience!!!!

In short, more fear than harm for the Mediatonic hit which has already come back to life. A few more patches, added this morning, serve as a patch – and it’s holding up well.

This isn’t the first time Fall Guys has had server issues.r. When it was free on PlayStation Plus, a first human wave had already bypassed matchmaking… Now that Fall Guys is launched on all platforms, let’s hope it remains stable!

Completely free, Fall Guys is now making its mark on its Season Pass. Season 1 is packed with unlockable content, including Mecha-Godzilla and Altaïr outfits from Assassin’s Creed. Sumo, kendoka, Chinese dragon and Mr. Cheese costumes from Among Us memes are also on the menu. As a reminder, if you’re on PC, the Epic Games Store is now the only store to carry Fall Guys. However, the Steam version will still receive updates until further notice.



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