Discover without further delay all the confidences that Dadju on melty! The famous singer returned to his exceptional rise in La Dalle.

Recently, on the occasion of the release of the film Ima, currently in theaters, the editorial staff of melty had the chance to meet Dadju for a interview. During this, the young man returned on his journey. His beginnings, his enormous success, the recipe for his success… The singer confided like never before during our interview. If the interpreter of Jealous was revealed to the general public with its title Queenin fact, he debuted in the group Shin Sekai. But then, how did Dadju come to break into this very particular environment? According to his revelations, the music is clearly in the genes of his family forever.

“I started listening to music very very young. My grandfather was a musician, my father was a singer, all my older brothers were in music. When I was small, I never dreamed of being a singer. I always liked to sing but I never wanted to make a career until I was 18 maybe. And even when I started doing it, it wasn’t even for a career, it was really because I liked it. So I fell into it a bit like Obélix who accidentally fell into the pot and became overpowered H24″ said the singer. Also during this interview, Dadju revealed how he managed to break into the middle.

Dadju reveals the recipe for his success

“I was in high school and I had a friend of mine who had parties at people’s houses and he heard me singing all the time. He and Gims took me to the studio at the same time. Which means gims I accompanied him to the studio one day when he said to me: ‘You know what, put something down! We are going to make a sound. And it was from this studio that I made a sound, then another, then another, then another… people who enjoyed the work. And I was having fun going to the studio so I started going, going, going. We created the group Shin Sekaï, we signed with Wati B » told Dadju. Also, in this interview, the singer revealed the recipe for his success. “It’s very important to be well surrounded because the entourage also defines you. You need a good team, good advisers, good friends. When you come back down, you get out of star character, you go back to base” he confided.


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