Internet users seem to doubt Evan Rachel Wood’s accusations of sexual assault against Marilyn Manson.

A few days ago, Evan Rachel Wood denounced the threats of Marilyn Manson’s wife, claiming that she had been the victim of blackmail. In recent weeks, the American actress of Westworld testified about physical and verbal violence, assault and even kidnapping that the singer would have inflicted on him for years. Touching words, which are cold in the back and which allowed several other women to speak out and denounce the heinous acts allegedly committed by Brian Hugh Warner, whose real name is. However, some internet users come to doubt Evan Rachel Wood’s words and have unearthed some publications which seem to question what the actress revealed.

Some fans of Marilyn manson searched the web and discovered several photos of the American singer at the time, surrounded by Evan Rachel Wood and members of the actress’ family. Clichés which denote with the words of this one, affirming that she had been kept away from her relatives by force by Marilyn Manson. So obviously, these photos can cause doubt, It is clear that the testimony of the young woman remains overwhelming, and that it released the words of other alleged victims. If at present, the singer has not yet been found guilty, we cannot however deny the testimonies against him. In any case, the police have officially opened an investigation into Marilyn Manson after the rape and sexual assault charges.

Credits: Twitter @ Verrckt32985220


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