Check out the music news you shouldn’t miss this week.

Recently we offered to take a look at our recap of the week with Jul and the 13’Organized who announced their first album Selena Gomez and BLACKPINK who collaborated together and many other news, it’s now time to take an interest in the top albums of the week. Eva arrives on the charts directly in 1st place with her second album “Feed”. Vitaa and Slimane are down one place and are now 2nd. The same goes for Jul and his album “The Machine” which is now 3rd, Maes 4th with “The Last Salopards”, Hatik 5th with “Pliante Chair” and Ninho 6th with his mixtape “M.I.L.S 3”.

We continue with Dadju occupying 7th place with “Poison or Antidote.” Angele the 8th with “Brol”. The 9th position goes to Gambi who dropped one rank just like Nekfeu and “Wandering Stars: Expansion” which are now 10th. You’ll understand, no big change this week apart from Eva’s smashing entry but something tells us that next week is going to be hectic with the album “Enna” PLK and “100 Faces” of Leto who have just come out! In the meantime, we invite you to discover the full MTV 2020 charts with Lady Gaga Taylor Swift BTS Ariana Grande Justin Bieber… You’ll see it’s heavy!


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