The last Instagram photo of Eva Ducci made the Internet users react. We invite you to discover it in this article.

Eva Ducci and Vivian again as a couple? An info falls! And at the moment, the young woman is talking about her a lot on Instagram. It It turns out that she just posted a new photo on the social network and the least we can say is that she has changed a lot since Villa des Coeurs Brisés 6. Already, Eva ducci is no longer blonde! And then, she has also lost a lot of weight since she had buttocks surgery. A physical change that made Internet users react. And just below, you will be able to see that they fell in love with this photo.

“You have become so beautiful ❤️ (…) So beautiful in brunette (…) This change is just incredible (…) You are really hot Eva (…) What a beauty say so ❤️ (… ) Wow, your physical transformation since Villa 6 is just incredible. You are so beautiful! “, we could read among the many reactions of Internet users. And this photo was also liked by over 40,000 people in a matter of hours. A real success for the young woman! In the rest of the celebrity news, we let you discover the photos of Maeva Ghennam in a bathing thong that made Internet users react.

Credits: Instagram evaducci, dankekeita02, elie.quinn, carineoncino, _cassoours76, zo.9e_
Other files: Eva ducci


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