Very frank, Eva Ducci unveiled the name of the candidates who do not leave her indifferent.

Without filter, Eva Ducci tackled Vivian when she has been separated from him for several months. But that the fans of the former couple are reassured, the goal of the candidate of The Villa of Broken Hearts 6 and The Battle of the Couples 3 was simply to titillate her ex-boyfriend on social media. As you certainly know, the young woman has a sentimental life which may surprise some. Very open with his fans, Eva has admitted in the past that she is not only attracted to men but also to the fairer sex. Something that she fully accepts and that she has just confirmed.

Eva Ducci reveals which candidates attract her
Eva Ducci reveals which candidates attract her – Credit (s): Instagram @evaducci

During a new question-and-answer session with her community on Instagram, Vivian’s ex-girlfriend indulged in crisp confidences. An Internet user asked him in particular which TV candidates could please him since she is now single.

And his response was most surprising. Very cash, Eva ducci then revealed that Mélanie Orl, Alix, Angèle Salentino and Milla were the most physically attractive. Regarding men, the young woman confided: “After in man, I have the impression that they are all fitted or there isn’t any? We need new faces there”. These are statements that we did not expect! In the rest of the news and in a completely different register, Melanight is displayed more natural than ever on these photos validated by Internet users.

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