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At the time of its broadcast on HBO in the United States and on OCS in France in 2019, the series Euphoria quickly became a worldwide success thanks to both its casting and its story. Through a fascinating gallery of characters, the show created by Sam Levinson, freely adapted from the Israeli television miniseries of the same title, quickly established itself as a creation not to be missed. Its season 1 has conquered the hearts of critics and fans alike, but also attracted the attention of voters during several award ceremonies, its main performer having left with the Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama Series, in 2020. He does not It was therefore not surprising that the series offers itself a second season, of which we give you just below everything we know!


Zendaya in the Euphoria series.
Zendaya in the Euphoria series. – Credit (s): HBO

The release date of season 2 d‘Euphoria is still not known. Currently filming, as Zendaya recently unveiled in pictures, this second salvo should not land until next year on HBO in the United States and in France on OCS.


Hunter Schafer and Zendaya in Euphoria.
Hunter Schafer and Zendaya in Euphoria. – Credit (s): HBO

We do not yet know the exact synopsis of season 2 ofEuphoria. Nonetheless, the new episodes are expected to unfold directly after the events of the first season. We will therefore find Rue and Jules as well as all the secondary characters for new adventures. One detail, however, teased by the showwrunner of the series, Sam Levinson: expect a particularly brutal season!


Zendaya in Euphoria.
Zendaya in Euphoria. – Credit (s): HBO

The trailer forEuphoria season 2 has not yet been released, as the production has refrained from revealing official images. Since the broadcast of the special episodes at Christmas, in 2020, it is radio silence. Hopefully, the end of filming in several weeks will give us some clues about the series!



Street in Euphoria.
Street in Euphoria. – Credit (s): OCS

Bennett Street is one of the main characters in the series Euphoria. She is non-binary, lesbian, and has a romantic relationship with Jules, whom she fell in love with in the first season. Rue is also a former drug addict, whose withdrawal is still difficult. If Jules allowed her to stay clean, the end of season 1 saw Rue relapse after letting Jules go without her at the station. A descent into hell that was orchestrated in an astonishing musical number.


Jules in Euphoria.
Jules in Euphoria. – Credit (s): hbo

Jules is a young transgender woman who meets Rue at the start of Season 1 ofEuphoria, after landing in his new high school. If the character played by Hunter Schafer seems to flourish alongside that of Zendaya, the teenager suffers from depression. She had to be interned in particular during her youth, before starting her transition, thanks to her father. She also does not hesitate to explore her sexuality, especially alongside married men met on the Internet.


Maddy in Euphoria.
Maddy in Euphoria. – Credit (s): HBO

Confident and assertive, Maddy is Nate’s girlfriend. Although she uses her charms with the latter to buy her particularly expensive things, Maddy was forced to bear the weight of Nate’s emotions in season 1 ofEuphoria. Their relationship is tumultuous and the young teenager does not hesitate to look elsewhere, especially for revenge. Despite this and despite the young man’s volatile personality, Maddy knows deep down that she will continue to love him, this plunging them into a particularly toxic relationship.


Kat in Euphoria.
Kat in Euphoria. – Credit (s): HBO

When we meet Kat at the start of Season 1, we quickly understand that she is an introverted and shy young girl. Nevertheless, the teenager is determined to change her reputation from the start of the school year but also to experience her first sexual emotions. She will then begin to lead a double life. If she already wrote many fan-fiction anonymously on Tumblr, Kat would go on to embark on several pornographic videos and earn money from it after a surfer offered to pay her in return.. This experience will have a heavy effect on Kat to the point that the young woman will radically change her personality and style.


Cassie in Euphoria.
Cassie in Euphoria. – Credit (s): HBO

Sweet and tender, Cassie is one of the most popular girls in high school. Nevertheless, the young teenager is also very na├»ve, and suffers from a bad reputation, because of the videos and nude photos which turn in the high school. Several rumors have it that she is an easy girl. Determined not to be influenced by speculation, she will finally find comfort in the arms of Chris McKay, a former American football star. Their relationship will ultimately be marred by Cassie’s unwanted pregnancy at the end of Season 1.


Lexi in Euphoria.
Lexi in Euphoria. – Credit (s): HBO

Lexi is Cassie’s little sister and Rue’s childhood friend. Although they have drifted apart over time and ceased to have many common interests, the two teenage girls still see each other as very close friends. It is even suggested in Euphoria that Lexi has love for Rue and would be jealous of her relationship with Jules. Regarding her sister, Lexi has always been devalued, her entourage having always pointed out the beauty of Cassie. Although she would love to be the center of attention, Lexi is very loyal to Cassie. It is also she who will be by his side during his abortion.


Nate in Euphoria.
Nate in Euphoria. – Credit (s): HBO

Nate is a popular high school student and the star quarterback of East Highland High School. He also possesses a profound violent behavior linked to his upbringing and the pressure placed on him by his father. He uses his appearance, social status, and anger to mask his emotions. It is especially for this reason that he maintains a strained relationship with Maddy Perez throughout season 1 ofEuphoria. Nate is in constant struggle with his sexuality. If the series has several times suggested the character’s homosexuality, this could notably explain the blackmail and then the amorous behavior that he finally developed for Jules when he pretended to be a certain Tyler.


Cal in Euphoria.
Cal in Euphoria. – Credit (s): HBO

Cal Jacobs is Nate’s father. Strict, he has always been very demanding of his son. Nonetheless, this real estate agent leads a double life in season 1 ofEuphoria since he frequently meets young boys and transgender women in motels. It was there that he met Jules in particular and then begged her not to tell anything for fear that it would tarnish his reputation.


Gia in Euphoria.
Gia in Euphoria. – Credit (s): HBO

Gia Bennett is Rue’s little sister in the series Euphoria. Despite the addiction of the latter, the young teenager continues to consider her as his model. Benevolent, she worries about the fate of her sister and it is thanks to her that Rue was able to survive her overdose before entering a rehab center.


Algee Smith in Euphoria.
Algee Smith in Euphoria. – Credit (s): HBO

Chris McKay was an American football star in his high school. However, his arrival at university will prove to be more complicated than he thought. He particularly experiences difficulties to perform on the field and knows several tensions in his relationship with Cassie.


Angus Cloud in Euphoria.
Angus Cloud in Euphoria. – Credit (s): HBO

At the start of season 1 ofEuphoria, Fezco is a drug dealer. Despite this and the fact that he dropped out of high school at age 20, the young man is blessed with a big heart. He is particularly concerned about Rue’s sobriety and will even go so far as to refuse to sell him drugs. He lives with his grandmother as well as Ashtray, a young boy they have taken in and who helps him manage the store where he works, as well as drug trafficking.


Euphoria. – Credit (s): HBO

  • Jules Vaughn: Hunter Schafer

  • Nate Jacobs: Jacob Elordi

  • Maddy Perez: Alexa Demie

  • Kat Hernandez: Barbie Ferreira

  • Cassie Howard: Sydney Sweeney

  • Chris McKay: Algee Smith

  • Lexi Howard: Maude Apatow

  • Gia Bennett: Storm Reid

  • Cal Jacobs: Eric Dane

  • Fezco: Angus Cloud


Euphoria. – Credit (s): HBO

Sam Levinson created the series Euphoria. The latter represents the first serial project of the director who until 2019 had only worked on the side of the seventh-art. Indeed, before that, the filmmaker had distinguished himself in the cinema by staging Another Happy Day (2011) or Assassination Nation (2018). With Euphoria, Sam Levinson is a real Swiss Army knife since he writes, directs and co-produces alongside singer Drake, the series on this group of teenagers. We will find him at the helm of season 2 soon.

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