The cast of Entourage is ready to re-emerge for a reboot, it only remains to convince the creator of the series.

Like the big screen, the series universe has not been able to resist the call for remakes either. Currently it is the reboot of the cult series Gossip Girl who is filming in the streets of New York, and displays a new cast of promising talent. Another successful series could also make a comeback, this is the show Entourage, finished since 2011. The fans had even had the right to a goodbye as it should, since a film had also been made. Recently interviewed by ComingSoon, the actor Kevin Dillon aka Johnny (Drama) Chase in the series revealed he almost managed to convince the creator ofEntourage, Doug Ellin, to start writing a reboot.

Johnny Drama Chase in Entourage
Johnny Drama Chase in Entourage – Credit (s): HBO

“I’ve been trying to work Doug for a long time and he finally said, ‘Maybe I’ll consider a reboot of Entourage’ Wouldn’t that be great? All the actors want to do that too.” he thus shared. So Kevin Dillon’s persistence could really end up paying off, especially if the rest of the cast are ready to roll over. In this case it would therefore be more of a remake than a reboot, since the characters from the previous seasons would also be back. Sometimes it’s really worth the wait, and the fact that the series Dexter will return in 2021 for a ninth season with Michael C. Hall does not show the contrary.


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