Emma Watson was a drug user in her youth? His honest answer

Emma Watson was a drug user in her youth? His honest answer

Did Emma Watson use drugs when she was younger? The actress had already answered the question honestly.

Nostalgic, Tom Felton shared a souvenir photo with Emma Watson, proving the actress has changed a lot since her debut in Harry potter. A lovely adventure that hasn’t always been easy to manage, due to the constant pressure of being in the spotlight. Asked about it by the UK edition of the magazine Glamour in 2013, the actress confessed that she understood that some personalities had a hard time putting up with fame to the point of falling into drug hell. An infernal spiral into which she could have plunged: “I started traveling and working away from home when I was 9, and there would have been so many opportunities there if I had wanted to consume it.”

Emma watson
Emma Watson – Credit (s): Getty Images

Despite the many temptations that surrounded him in Hollywood, Emma watson did not give in. During her interview with the media, the actress clarified that she had never had problems related to alcohol or the consumption of illicit substances: “If I had wanted to get drunk and be dead drunk, I could have. If I had wanted to take drugs, I could have done it too. Fortunately, I don’t have an addictive personality and I don’t really drink. “ Confidences which will reassure the many fans of the star. And while waiting to see her again on our screens, the editorial ‘of melty invites you to discover the brand new look of Emma Watson, which suits her perfectly.

Credit: Glamor

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