Emma Peters: her cover of Clandestina, her single Fous, her album … She confides (INTERVIEW EXCLUDED)

Emma Peters: her cover of Clandestina, her single Fous, her album ... She confides (INTERVIEW EXCLUDED)

Discover our exclusive interview with singer Emma Peters, an artist to follow!

A few days ago, we met the Cats On Trees to talk about their new single “Please please please” and writing their new album. And today, we got to know Emma Peters, a young singer to follow absolutely. It is thanks to his Youtube channel and his numerous covers that the public was able to get to know him. She posts “Clandestina”, a cover by Lartiste which is a great success with currently 40 million streams on Spotify. On April 21, Emma Peters launches and unveils her single “Crazy” followed by “Never enough”. Today, the singer is preparing to release her second EP on October 22 with a first single, “Time flies” in September. For melty, Emma Peters looks back on her beginnings, she confides on her difficulty in writing her first texts, on the preparation of her first album. It’s to be discovered right here! And to continue this momentum, we also invite you to take a look at our exclusive interview with Moha K who came back for us on the success of his hit. “Vroum vroum”, his album Last breath or even on his collaboration with Marwa Loud.

melty: Hi Emma! How long have you been making music?

Emma Peters (singer): I have always made music because I come from a family where we listen to it a lot. I started playing the guitar when I was 7 years old, I never took singing lessons. And intuitively, I started accompanying myself on the guitar when I was about 12 years old. But I don’t remember having started music so much I have been in it since I was little. I am lucky to have parents who encourage me a lot in what I do but who did not force me to do that either, on the contrary. I still did 5 years of studies and then when we saw that it was working well, we thought that there might be something.

melty: What motivated you to do covers?

Emma Peters : I did covers very early on but I was a bit shy, I didn’t really want to post them on the Internet. And one day, I opened a Youtube channel with my little sister and we thought we were going to do it together. And little by little, I freed myself a little from her and I posted my first cover which was “Clandestina” which has been picked up by a lot of DJs. So, it boosted my Youtube channel and it motivated me a lot for the future and every Sunday I started posting my covers.

melty: You had great success with this cover of “Clandestina”. What was your reaction when you saw that?

Emma Peters : I wasn’t expecting it, especially since it took a long time. I posted it, I was coming back from vacation in Tunisia, it was in 2016 I believe. And it turned by itself on the Internet and it really exploded in 2020 so three, four years after which! So after that brought a lot of DJs to my page who then remixed other covers like “Too handsome” from Lomepal and it made an album that I posted on the networks last year and which also hit hard. After that, I took another approach, I told myself that my covers had to be a little more professional.

melty: A few months ago you started writing with your first single “Crazy”, can you tell us about it?

Emma Peters : Before, I had the impression that when it was me who spoke I was doing it badly or that it was not pretty. And “Crazy” this is really the moment when I clicked. That’s why there are these words that say “don’t try to please them”. It was really the day I said to myself: “Who cares, I’m going to write songs as I speak for a living and it’s going to be great.” And after that, I wrote a lot of stuff. I remember, I was leaving the first date I had with my record company. I had a few lyrics at the time but I think I wanted to give myself a genre too much. And my producer he told me: “It’s great but I can’t find the energy that you have in life and that I find in your covers”. So I had a bit of a bad time because I had just quit my job and I was thinking of signing in a record company and not at all. So I came home and wrote “Crazy”, I emailed him and he called me back direct.

melty: What inspires you to compose your music?

Emma Peters : I’ve been writing my own lyrics for a very short time. I wrote first “Your Human” which is a song that I produced on my own and released last year. After that there was a big slump because I was working and I didn’t have much time. And I really started writing during the first lockdown. It’s not an easy exercise, I, who am a little modest, had a hard time talking about myself and I always had the impression that what I wrote was rubbish. Afterwards I am a very sensitive person, I am a loveuse (laughs), so there are a lot of songs about love. Style wise, it’s pretty amazing how I listen to too many different styles (laughs). I was rocked by French music like Véronique Sanson for example. And later, I discovered rap and fell in love with it. So my music is a bit of a mixture of all of that.

melty: With which artists would you dream of collaborating?

Emma Peters : Damso, I would love to work with him. Even just put down a guitar chord and then I’m gone (laughs). There are so many of them but it’s true that they would be more rap artists. Otherwise, I really like Juliette Armanet, Véronique Sanson obviously. It has too many people!

melty: What are your plans for the future?

Emma Peters : I am working on my album. So far, we’ve selected 14 songs that we’ve all recorded. It still has work to do but it’s almost in the box. It was produced at the same time by two very talented producers. On the one hand, there is Aya Nakamura’s team, so with very current beats. And on the other side, there is a team that worked with Christophe, Melody Gardot. So there is really once again my two universes which have mingled. This album is a good presentation of me!

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