Emilie Fiorelli will soon move to follow her companion M’Baye Niang as she explained in her Instagram story.

Emilie Fiorelli and M’Baye Niang are together again and this old photo of the couple caused a reaction. It’s official, the footballer and the candidate of Moms and Famous decided to give their love story a chance in order to form a united family. And in a very short time, they will start a new life in Bordeaux, where the sportsman has been transferred for his work.. “Yes we are going to live in Bordeaux” confirmed Emilie Fiorelli, who spoke during a frequently asked questions on Instagram on October 13, 2021. “I’m waiting for the school holidays so as not to disturb Louna too much even if we prepare her for school changes etc … We try to do things smoothly. Baby Farrell him as long as he is surrounded by his parents and his sister all rolls “ she added.

Emilie Fiorelli moves to Bordeaux
Emilie Fiorelli moves to Bordeaux – Credit (s): Instagram @emilie_fiorelli_officiel
Emilie Fiorelli is happy to settle in Bordeaux
Emilie Fiorelli is happy to settle in Bordeaux – Credit (s): Instagram @emilie_fiorelli_officiel

The young woman, who is from Marseille, does not seem very embarrassed to still have to pack her boxes, on the contrary: “I am happy to soon discover Bordeaux. In addition, I have been told that good things so I can not wait!” she confided with enthusiasm before admitting: “Marseille will remain my city of love no matter what”. The latter should also come back often enough to visit her loved ones … In the rest of the news, Hillary from Moms and Famous is about to give birth and has revealed the date of her term while doing some revelations.

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