Is Elsa Bois about to fall for Michou? This clue says it all.

Michou in love with Elsa Bois? He tried a new connection. The famous 20-year-old YouTuber has been under the spell of his partner since he started the adventure Dance with the stars 11 September 17, 2021. Just before performing one of his choreographies on November 19, 2021, he even confessed: “With Elsa it’s complicated… In fact we’re friends, but I think I want us to be more than friends… But I can’t!”. For her part, the young woman, who was not so far interested, would she be about to fall for the candidate, who keeps making her laugh? This clue says it all …

While they appear together a lot on social networks, a video posted on November 24, 2021 in the story of Michou has still caught the attention of Internet users. In it, we see him with a packet of cakes saying: “Guys, there is a subscriber, she listened to my advice, she offered me financials. I don’t know if you saw the video but I said that to catch me, you had to offer me some financial (…) except that I am smarter, I share them with Elsa “. The latter then replied: “I said I was going to fuck her up”. A little touch of jealousy that pleased the young man, who reassured her by adding: “He there is no competition “.

Elsa Bois is officially single

Elsa Bois, who affirms that her relationship with Michou is purely friendly, confirmed to be single with our colleagues from TV-Leisure. “We’re not together anymore. We broke up a little while ago” To revealed the one who was in a relationship with a certain Adrien, who could not bear “the visibility that results from the show” and “the distance”. The rumors were therefore true, the professional dancer is now a heart to take, which must make one happy … In the meantime, know that Fauve and Tayc are also ultra accomplices.


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