The last Instagram photo of Eloise shocked Internet users. And we let you find out why in this article.

Nacca in a relationship with Eloïse and attracted by Astrid Nelsia in Les Vacances des Anges 4? We have the info. And before finding the couple on our screens, it is on social networks that they are talked about. This is particularly the case with the young woman. It turns out thatEloise just posted a new photo on Instagram which is causing a lot of reaction. Some internet users have trouble recognizing the pretty blonde … They even find that she has abused plastic surgery and filters a little too much. And we let you see it, just below, with the messages we have selected.

“No, but stop the surgery there (…) Are you sure it’s Eloise there? It looks like she has changed her mind. Frankly, you shouldn’t say thank you to the surgery because there it is. shocking. You don’t look at all like Eloise of the Marseillais in the Caribbean (…) Abused the surgery, she was much more beautiful before “, we could read among the many reactions of Internet users. Will Eloise answer them? It’s a new affair to follow dear meltynauts … And before discovering it, know that Maissane and Eloise have finally reconciled on the set of the Holidays of Angels 4!

Credits: Instagram eloiseappelle, em__donitian, niina_yasmin, anais88000, anais88000


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