Eliza Taylor (The 100) looks adorable in this photo from her childhood.

At the moment, Internet users are convinced that Bob Morley (The 100) is absent from Twitter to avoid criticism of his love affair with Eliza Taylor and the revelations of his ex Arryn Zech. It must be said that for a few months, the bride and groom have been at the heart of strong criticism since the youngster revealed that the actor of The 100 had behaved abusively with her! Yet Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor can still count on a very strong fanbase to support them against all odds. Exactly, their audience will be delighted to discover an adorable snapshot of the actress as a child.

As some know, the actress of The 100 comes from a large family since she has a brother and two sisters. And precisely, it is one of these, Riley Caitlin Cotter, who had shared a tender photo on the Web. We discover Eliza Taylor, almost unrecognizable with her blonde face all smiles, alongside her little sister after apparently baking a chocolate cake. This loving childhood snapshot is truly adorable and is sure to please fans of the actress, who will love to experience it this way. Still on Eliza Taylor (The 100) did you know she was the lookalike of another serial actress?


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