The 2020 World Cup is now! And after having made you discover groups A, B, C and D, it is the turn of the series of groups E and F.

Just because there is a pandemic does not mean there is no Series World Cup! The seventh edition of our famous competition is launched on August 25, 2020 and you can already start voting for your favorite series on the melty site or on our social networks like Snapchat. Many shows deserve to win the cup this year and succeed Stranger Things, the winning series of the 2019 edition. And the winner of 2020 could well be among the series present in groups E or F, which we make you discover just below.

Group E

This is Us and its season 5 return next fall and fans of the show are more than anxious to reunite with the Pearson family, especially after the final episode of Season 4 which ended on an unexpected cliffhanger. This fourth season was also strong in emotions and twists, continuing to make us go from laughter to tears and offering us interesting episodes, between alternate reality and flashforward. All the ingredients are there to make serevores want to vote for her.

This is Us
This is Us – Credit (s): melty

Elite has yet succeeded in catching us in its nets for its third season mixing love trio, surprising couples, surprising associations, bloody murder, suspense, manipulations, danger and sulphurous moments. But the end of this season has torn the hearts of spectators by announcing the departure of some important characters. Will this influence fans when it comes to voting? There is the question.

Elite – Credit (s): melty

Why Women Kill is the little news of the season. It chronicles the lives of three women living in three different eras as they face infidelity in their respective marriages and are gripped with a deep desire for revenge. A series that was very well received by the critics and which was renewed for a season 2 even before the broadcast of its final episode. But is that enough to beat the other Group E series? We will see.

Why Women Kill
Why Women Kill – Credit (s): melty

Brooklyn nine nine does not really need to be introduced anymore. Already 7 seasons that Jake, Holt, Amy and the others make us laugh with their jokes, their clumsiness, their incredible situations and their extraordinary personalities. And the last season was still as effective, even allowing the series to be renewed for a season 8. We count on its biggest fans to vote for it!

Brooklyn nine nine
Brooklyn Nine Nine – Credit (s): melty

Favorite: According to U.S, This is Us is the series with the best chance of winning the competition in this group. Its fourth season was really surprising and interesting, while remaining moving and entertaining and the spectators were always there. There is no doubt that they will also be able to vote for her.

Group F

La Casa de Papel came back for a season 4 that is always so well paced, packed with action and twists. But the Professor’s new adventures, Tokyo, Rio, Denver and co, were still a little less successful than in previous seasons. Will the fact that the series is so popular be enough to make it win the competition or has the audience’s interest run out of steam? We will see that quickly!

La Casa de Papel
La Casa de Papel – Credit (s): melty

The witcher was a real hit when it was released in December 2019. It even managed to rank among the ten most watched series of the year on Netflix in France. And according to a study by Business Insider, the series starring Henry Cavill as the Witcher Geralt de Rive is the most popular on-demand series in the world. There is therefore a good chance that she will win the competition.

The witcher
The Witcher – Credit (s): melty

The End of the Fucking World had totally won us over with its completely crazy explosive first season, its trashy humor and its crazy characters. And the second season was always so enjoyable. Less fun, but more moving, more touching, and still WTF still anyway. But will the serevores be numerous enough to make it stand out?

The End of the Fucking World
The End of the Fucking World – Credit (s): melty

American Horror Story does not stop anymore. For its ninth season, it takes us to Camp Redwood where five friends from Los Angeles work there as monitors. A new season which takes up all the codes of the slasher, these horror films which feature a psychopathic killer who attacks young people whom he kills in great bloodshed. From there to getting fans to vote for the series, that’s another story.

American Horror Story
American Horror Story – Credit (s): melty

Favorite: This is The witcher that we choose as favorite, not only because it was a real success when it was released, but also because it impressed us and its plot and characters were very rich, not to mention its supernatural creatures, its landscapes and its impressive sword fights.


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