Guzmán, Cayetana, Ander and Rebeka could still suffer a lot in season 4 of Elite on Netflix!

Now that we know who are the characters absent from this season 4 ofElite on Netflix, we fear the worst concerning the intrigues of Guzmán, Cayetana, Ander and Rebeka. If most of the students repeat and Omar joins Las Encinas, we could see in season 3 that Cayetana took over the job of maintenance mother. At the moment, we don’t know if the next episodes will follow the intrigue of the previous season but it is certain that our favorite crested teenagers are not out of their pain. Here are the worst things that could happen to the characters of the fourth season ofElite.

Rebeka resumes drug trafficking with her mother, who gives her up to the police


At the end of the third season, Rebeka promised to end the drug trade. The problem is that her mother has just been released from prison and that she does not have a good influence on her. Monitored by the police, she will certainly ask her daughter to take up the torch, promising her mountains and wonders. A bit naive and certainly still saddened by her break up with Samuel, Rebeka could easily plunge back into the heart of the drug trade, given that without that, her family will be left destitute. As we have seen in previous episodes, his mother is not the most reliable person there is, and if she has to save her skin, she will probably not hesitate to throw her daughter at the police! It would no longer miss that Samuel is still having fun with Rebeka’s feelings in this new season, and the poor teenager would really be at the end of her troubles …

Cayetana is harassed by new students because she has no money


The final season ofElite gave us a brief overview of what could happen in the next episodes. After Cayetana decided to refuse the scholarship offered by Polo moms, she had to find a way to make some money. The modest teenager therefore decided to resume her mother’s work and will now maintain the premises of Las Encinas. How will she live with this new status? Sensitive to criticism and attracted to luxury life, Cayetana may not endure this situation for very long! And if new posh students make fun of her, the teenager may really experience it badly … Fortunately, Cayetana has a fiery temper and we can well imagine finding a revenge worthy of the name!

Ander relapses and dies in season 4


In the third season ofElite, Ander defeated cancer and found his lover Omar. Clearly, all is well that ends well for this character in the heart of artichoke! But as Elite love to make us go through all the emotions, we suspect that Ander’s happiness will only be short-lived. If Omar is likely to adore the freedom offered by the school (with encounters and follies that go with it), Ander is also not immune to a relapse. The teenager was really on the verge of dying, and maybe this fourth season will be fatal for him (it would be horrible).

Guzmán discovers that Nadia is with another man

Nadia and Guzmán

Finally, our favorite coupleElite could be put to the test again if Nadia falls in love with someone else in New York. It is not yet known if it will be part of this fourth season, but we would be disappointed for Guzmán if the teenager decided to start her life over. Nadia promised her dear and tender that they would meet again, but nothing proves to us that she will keep her promise! Guzmán could go to New York to make a surprise visit to his sweetheart, and discover it in flagrant with another man. This is obviously not what we wish him, he who has already suffered greatly from the death of Marina! Until we know more, here is what we absolutely want to see in season 4 ofElite on Netflix.



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