Bad news for all those who are waiting for this next collaborative game between From Software and George RR Martin: Elden Ring could well be postponed to 2021!

What we heard on Elden Ring. The months go by and are not alike regarding the next game of From Software. Indeed, a few months ago it was believed that it would be presented at an Xbox event in March. Finally, some images of the trailer leaked, and From Software has reportedly decided to postpone its presentation to a later date. The most recent news we have had about Elden Ring since is that we should learn more about the game this summer, during E3 2021. And now we discover that the game could quite simply be postponed to 2022! In short, it is to understand nothing …

Finally postponed to 2022?
Finally postponed to 2022?

Kadowaka Corp is the company that owns From Software studio, the team behind Dark Souls games, Sekiro, and the highly anticipated Elden Ring. In a presentation intended for investors, the group indicates that Elden Ring may well not be released before March 2022! It’s a shame, but ultimately not such a big surprise: for the past few months, the studio has been particularly silent about its flagship game. Nevertheless, we can learn more about it: in a slide, we discover that Elden Ring is the most ambitious project ever proposed by Kadowaka Corp. (which brings together From Software but also Spike Chunsoft and Kadowaka Games Ltd). We thus better understand why the game is so long overdue …


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