Far from the pop heights of his previous album ÷ (Divide), Ed Sheeran reinvents himself on No.6 Collaborations Project which brings together among others Justin Bieber, Eminem, Stormzy or even Cardi B!

In stores. When you were told recently that “Old Town Road”, “7 Rings and” Shallow “are among the 10 most consumed songs digitally in the United States, it goes without saying that the next semi-annual report of the Nielsen Institute should include some songs from Ed Sheeran’s new album. Yep, No.6 Collaborations Project is now available everywhere and should delight vinyl lovers as well as those of dematerialized music. By bringing together the biggest artists on the planet (Bruno Mars, 50 Cent, Cardi B, Travis Scott, Ella Mai, Skrillex or Chance the Rapper), Ed sheeran should prove that he is the undisputed king of streaming and hype. Get some Drake seeds!

# 1 Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber – “I Don’t Care”

Unless you have fled social networks and the Internet in general, you could not escape this little nugget of electropop with tropical sounds. Real tube ready for summer, I do not care“was without a doubt the best choice of lead single that Ed Sheeran could make here. 658 million streams distributed on YouTube and Spotify later, “I do not care“should make you dance until back to school.

# 2 Ed Sheeran feat Khalid – “Beautiful People”

First title of No.6 Collaborations Project, “Beautiful People“works miracles thanks to the addition of the slightly pitched voice of Ed Sheeran and the more urban rhythm of Khalid. True added value of the album this song disturbs by its lightness. However, like “I do not care“This is a baby produced by Max Martin, Shellback and Fred again. The men we owe”Blank space“from Taylor Swift,”Enjoy your meal“by Katy Perry and”Is Your Love Enough?“Little Mixes are here in subtlety for a particularly awaited duo!

# 3 Ed Sheeran & Chris Stapleton, Bruno Mars – “Blow”

Yes “Beautiful People“brought us into No.6 Collaborations Project with tenderness, its final, “Blow”, is much more impactful. True mix of rock and hard rock, “Blow” is a production of Bruno Mars and to say that it feels would be an understatement. The crooner lets go alongside his label buddy (Ed Sheeran) and a country and rock legend of only 41 years old (Chris Stapleton). Blow “ will make you want to rip your clothes off and revive No.6 Collaborations Project without further ado!

# 4 Ed Sheeran feat Camila Cabello, Cardi B – “South of the Border”

Much awaited by fans of the three artists in question, “South of the border“is a great surprise. Maybe because the addition of the charm so british by Ed Sheeran goes perfectly with the Latin flow of Camila Cabello and the muscular beat of Cardi B. More so, this particularly sensual love song has the merit of mixing English and Spanish for a result more than tailored for the playlists of our favorite streaming platforms. We tell you: “South of the Border” should quickly turn into a tube!

# 5 Ed Sheeran & Travis Scott – “Antisocial”

We are not going to lie: if “Antisocial” is one of the most daring pieces of No.6 Collaborations Project it is precisely because the mix between the guitar singer and the self-rapping rapper works like clockwork. Against the background of personal claims, the two men recall that despite their status as a public person, they are particularly attached to their private life. Truth be told, they would do anything to protect it, even if it was said to be “anti-social”. However the furious beat produced by Fred again should turn many heads in the evening and bring together many bodies on the dance floors of nightclubs around the world. The short duration of the song (2’42 ”) should boost its streams.

Bonus: Ed Sheeran feat Eminem, 50 Cent – “Remember the Name”

While Nekfeu has just offered a double platinum disc with Les Etoiles vagabondes: expansion, it must be recognized that the great rap moment of Ed Sheeran’s album No.6 Collaborations Project is not really one. Or to put it more simply: Ed Sheeran comes out on top while Eminem saves the furniture. For its part, 50 Cent collapses: its flow no longer impresses and its rhymes are far from convincing. “You can find me in my whip, rockin ‘my Fendi drip “ may be the best he had in stock. At this point, it might have been better to have resorted to a ghostwriter !


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