Ed Sheeran unveiled his new clip “Beautiful People” in collaboration with Khalid. Find out quickly on melty and try to win prizes!

Ed Sheeran, one of the artists whose music has already marked the year 2019, is back with No.6 Collaborations, an album composed only of collaborations as its name suggests, with prestigious artists. After his first single “I do not care” feat Justin Bieber and “Cross Me” feat Chance The Rapper and Pnb Rock, 28-year-old British artist has released the video for “Beautiful People”, a song that reminds you to stay yourself and not try to be like those “beautiful people” who are obsessed with material things and who surely miss out on real life.

In the video, Ed Sheeran and Khalid make a few discreet appearances but leave all the light to a couple, who continues to live “normally” without worrying about all the luxury around them: private driver, villa, yacht or still private jet … A lesson in life that does good and that will surely climb Ed Sheeran in the charts before the release of his long-awaited opus … At melty, we validate this clip 100% and for the occasion, we give you the opportunity to win some gifts bearing the image of the star (an “I Don’t Care” t-shirt, a Funko Pop figurine! Ed Sheeran and other goodies). To participate, nothing could be simpler, just click on THIS LINK and follow the instructions … So good luck! Meanwhile, in the rest of the music news, Cardi B has released her clip “Press” in which she settles her accounts with the media.


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