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Microtransactions remain a popular business model for developers to deliver games for free. But John Riccitiello, boss of Unity and former executive at EA, which announced Star Wars Jedi Survivor, attacks studios that do not adopt this strategy. Enough to make some industry players frown at this position held in an interview with PocketGamer.

They are also among the biggest idiots »

If you are a developer who does not offer in-app purchases, John Riccitiello does not share your convictions. In an interview, the EA alum says that a “small part of the industry works [sans microtransactions] (…) and some of these developers are the most beautiful, pure and brilliant people. But they are also among the biggest idiots”.

A violent attack that goes very badly, especially since Unity has just acquired Iron sourcea specialized company in the monetization of games for smartphones. Not to mention that the company fired 263 people very recently.

If John Riccitiello causes so much cringe, it is also because his philosophy is based on maximum profitability by optimization. The man explains in particular, still at PocketGamer, that he has “seen great games fail because their compulsion loop [qui vous pousse à jouer] only lasts two minutes when it should have lasted an hour”.

The business model of mobile games is still complicated. Since the beginning of smartphones, free has been king. Should we opt for in-app purchases and draw a line under the advertising aspect or put advertisements without microtransactions? The leader of Unity seems to make his choice, even if controversial.



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