Who from Dynasty or The 100 will win a match in the 2020 Series World Cup?

That’s it, we finally know the series qualified for the quarter-finals of the 2020 Series World Cup. And there were some quite astonishing surprises with the ousting of big productions and the rise of other series un little less known. Proof being, Dynasty dethroned You and won in the quarterfinals. So, can the Carringtons really win this duel? It must be said that more and more fans are loving seeing the dramas of Fallon, Liam, Sammy Jo and the other characters in the series. Dynasty is a reboot that works and that has been able to fit in with its time, with a totally 2.0 version. Also, the fact that the series of The CW be broadcast on Netflix allows him to have a larger audience, which therefore explains his arrival in the quarter-finals of the 2020 Series World Cup.

Who will win the 2020 World Cup?
Who will win the 2020 World Cup? – Credit (s): melty

Yes but here it is, facing Dynasty there is another series of The CW, The 100. And this one has nothing to do with the first! Against a post-apocalyptic background, we are far from the palace life of the Carrington on the planet Sanctum with Clarke, Raven, Murphy and the others. However, after seven seasons, the survivors can still count on a very solid fanbase, despite the last episodes which are far from the level we have seen in the series. On the other hand, The 100 has a big advantage to win this match against Dynasty : Season 7 currently airing is the last. Usually, in the Series World Cup, fans are keen to give the trophy to a show that bows out in final episodes. imminent. In our opinion, it is therefore The 100 who should make it to the semi-finals of the competition … But everything is still playable, so don’t forget to vote every day JUST HERE!


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