Adam will he finally pay for the acts he committed in season 4 of Dynasty?

Recently, we wondered if Blake was going to end up in prison in season 4 of Dynasty. It must be said that the father of Fallon and Steven has a lot of pots behind him and continues to play with fire, which could cause him new troubles in the rest of the series. In the meantime, we also have a few questions about another character, that of Adam. Alexis’ son landed by surprise in season 2 of Dynasty, and since his arrival, he has multiplied despicable gestures. As a reminder, he made Steven pass for a madman, who was then interned in a psychiatric hospital in France. Adam also tried to take revenge on Fallon by trying to kill Liam, which caused him amnesia. Fortunately, the latter eventually found his memory and remembered that the young man was indeed responsible for his attempted murder!

Adam in season 2 of Dynasty

But above all, Adam deliberately pushed his own mother into the chimney, enough to disfigure Alexis, one of the biggest reversals in the series Dynasty ! It is surely the most horrible act that the young man did, and yet even his mother no longer seems to hold it against him today … Unless she fears for her life and does don’t want to get in his way? Be that as it may, many vile acts on the part of Adam have not yet been exposed to the other protagonists of Dynasty, but we hope that he will end up being punished in season 4 of the series. During the last episodes broadcast, Anders was investigating the man who is now in a relationship with Kirby, and he even went in search of information about Adam in the north of the country …

Adam and Blake

What will Anders be able to discover about Adam’s past and hidden life? Will Kirby’s father be the one to bring him down first? One thing is certain, Dynasty is always a series full of twists and turns, and Even if the true face of Fallon’s brother may be revealed in the following, he should not disappear from the plot … So either Adam will end up in prison, or he will clear his heinous acts, but we are almost sure that he will still be present for a while with the Carrington family to continue to sow discord. Another possibility is that Adam is actually not the real son of Alexis and Blake, despite the blood tests carried out when he joined the family. And in this case, this reversal of the situation could upset the whole balance of the Carrington in the next episodes! In the meantime, here are 5 things we absolutely want to see in season 4 of Dynasty.



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