On the occasion of the release of his EP “Hackoeur”, we interviewed singer Driks.

While we offered to test your culture with our special musical news quiz of the week where we asked you questions about Adele, Gazo, Louane and many other artists, we will now tell you about a singer that you should follow closely … This is Driks who unveiled his EP Hacker, last October 1st. It contains a total of 9 tracks, including 4 featurings with Ronisia, Franglish, Abou Debeing and Dadju, Bryan MG and Dynstinct. On the occasion of the release of his project, we spoke with Driks. We let you learn a little more about him, his music, his feats … Just below!

melty: Hello Driks, can you tell us a little more about yourself, your stage name …?

Driks : Hello ! So I am an artist, singer, songwriter and dancer. Driks, it’s a diminutive of Chris in fact, it’s my first name. And I wanted to make a pun by replacing the “c” with the “d”, and adding a “K” and it gave “Driks”.

melty: Since when are you in the music business?

Driks : I had been dancing for 12 years and I started singing in 2017. For me, it was a logical continuation to start the song. I had already traveled the world as a dancer etc. So I needed to do something else, I needed to find something that was going to simulate me beyond dancing in the artistic realm.

melty: With what sound you pierced?

Driks : With “You wanted” , that I had done in featuring with Franglish and Abou Debeing. And then, in his solo, it was with “Mariama”.

melty: You also collaborated with 4Keus, Didoo, Ronisia, how do you choose the artists for your feats?

Driks : These are artists that I already know on a human level, there has to be a certain feeling, a certain proximity. And then, these are artists that I listen to and already appreciate at first and I see if my vibe and their vibe can work together.

melty: You unveiled your new EP “Hackcoeur” recently. It’s different from your previous projects because there are more feats. Was it a will on your part?

Driks : Yeah, it was very important. I made a small observation and I find that as an artist when you arrive in this environment, you like to mix directly with others to be known to the “general public”. While these are people who fought to get to where they are. So I wanted to do the same by launching myself into music with “Do it”, “Addict” or “Mariama”. And there, for the third EP, I wanted to mix with other artists by giving a taste of what could happen in the album next!

melty: How did these collaborations go?

Driks : Ronisia we already knew each other through its producers and managers. Franglish, Abou Debeing and Dadju, we’ve known each other for 5/6 years. And for Dystinct and Bryan MG, it’s because I listen to a lot of Dutch sounds, I love their vibe! There was a way to connect with them for a feat and it worked really well in terms of feeling etc. So we rushed into the studio and sent this!

melty: How would you define your EP “Hackcoeur”?

Driks : I define this EP as a “consolation”. In the sense that, despite the difficulties, we can all end up getting along no matter what, we just have to find the access codes. It is a project that manages to bring together both men and women. There are many men who tell me: “You manage to say out loud what we think deep inside us”. And women are also happy to listen to sounds which are “a little more direct”, which do not go through 10,000 paths.

melty: Finally, do you have a last word for the readers of melty?

Driks : Continue to follow me because the rest is going to be terrible! (laughs)


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