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Downton Abbey, a new era: Big secrets ready to burst in a new trailer


The Countess and all the rest of the Crawley family is back for Downton Abbey: A New Era. A second film which will be released in theaters on April 27 and which already promises some great surprises. The trailer has recently been unveiled and the new adventures of the protagonists are likely to make sparks… and cause quite a few secrets ! In these images, we see the whole Crawley family taking a vacation in the south of Franceand discover the villa of the Countess interpreted by Maggie Smith. And as we can predict, many dramas will be there for this Sequel to Downton Abbey.

The interpreter of Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter begins by explaining to one of his children: “Years ago, long before you were born, I met a man. Words that directly stir curiosity fans. Who is that man ? What role will he play in these new adventures ? Will he be present in the film, or only mentioned? It is moreover in the villa that this man offered her, that the countess chose to take his family on vacation. Thus, his children ask themselves many questions. One thing is certain, between boat trips, weddings and parties… this second film by Downton Abbey reserve for us nice surprises !

Downton Abbey II, a mysterious past resurfaces

At the end of the trailer, Maggie Smithaka the Countess Crawleydeclares to the assembly: “I wish you good night, and I leave you to discuss my mysterious past”. So what can we expect? What does she mean by “mysterious past”. The adventures of the Crawley familywhich was first discovered in series Downton Abbey, are therefore far from over. Two years after the first film released in 2019, heading to France and on of new mysteries. However, we will still have to arm ourselves with a little patience and wait for the release of Downton Abbey: A New Eraon April 27.



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