Can we expect a female version of the Doom Slayer to end up pointing the tip of her gun in the future? Chances are, if we are to believe the creative director of DOOM Eternal, who claims that id Software has already “given a lot of thought” to the idea.

In just under a month, we’ll already be celebrating DOOM Eternal’s first anniversary. This sequel to the reboot of the franchise initiated in 2016 has received a very favorable reception from players and the press, and has still not said its last word. For good reason, after a somewhat late arrival on Nintendo Switch last December, the title is now due to receive its second narrative expansion, The Ancient Gods: Episode 2, on which id Software still has not officially communicated. However, during a recent speech made on Twitch (via Video Games Chronicle), Hugo Martin spoke about what was going on behind the scenes in the studio and he took the opportunity to reveal extremely interesting information.

Soon a female Slayer in the DOOM series?
Soon a female Slayer in the DOOM series?

The one who occupies the role of creative director on DOOM Eternal revealed that the idea of ​​including a female version of the DOOM Slayer was actively being explored with teams. However, they don’t want to be content with just offering a simple female skin of the protagonist and are therefore looking for a way to see how the character’s gender might have “A significant impact on the gameplay”. According to him, the idea would be that this plays a role “On Glory Kills and weapons” she possesses while her way of attacking enemies would be just as aggressive as that of the Doom Guy, but “A different type of aggression” all the same. Martin thus concedes that there is “Thought a lot”, which may give a clue as to what a potential third episode has in store for us.

Unless a surprise awaits us from the second part of The Ancient Gods? Response in the next few weeks or probably the next few months, given that the next expansion has already been classified in Australia since February 12. However, it’s worth remembering that this is probably not the first time that the developers of DOOM have considered creating a female version of the character. In the Quake series, and more precisely in Quake III Arena, there is indeed the presence of a marine called Crash whose biography indicates that she was the military instructor of the Doom Slayer.

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