Internet users are convinced that Greg Yega is secretly cheating on Mélanie Orl because of a disturbing video!

A few days ago, Mélanie Orl suggested that she was pregnant with Greg Yega! Barely a few months after the start of their relationship, have the two reality TV candidates decided to take this big step? If the nausea of ​​the young woman sowed doubt, it seems that the lovers are not there yet! Especially since we are not going to lie to each other, but these last few weeks have been very eventful for the couple … After the rumors of infidelity from Greg Yega, a violent argument had broken out between him and Mélanie Orl in a room hotel, forcing the police to intervene. If since then, the lovebirds have reconciled, Internet users are however sure that the young man is cheating on his sweetheart, because of a video shared in the story Instagram by Mélanie Orl!

Recently, the young woman was filming Greg Yega by surprise on his phone. Seeing Melanie Orl disembark unexpectedly, this one, who appeared to be texting someone, hastened to close the conversation and turn his phone. A gesture that says a lot for some internet users, as they commented: “This guy is super weird”, “His reaction is weird, he clearly has no peace of mind”, “A deceitful attitude”, “It’s on the old messages with Maëva”, “It shows he is hiding something thing” or “He may have sent ‘I miss you bebew’ to Maeva”. So, did Greg Yega really want to hide something, or was he just surprised? Mystery. In parallel, Dylan Thiry recently threw a naked photo of Mélanie Orl on the Web.

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