The Sorcerer Supreme is set to explore new powers in Doctor Strange 2 and the other films to come, here are which ones.

The trailer for Doctor Strange 2 should be unveiled soon and she should tell us more about the new powers of Stephen Strange. This former neurosurgeon has been entrusted with the heavy task of protecting the earth from external threats thanks to his status as Sorcerer Supreme. He is expected to acquire many new abilities in the upcoming films, starting with the one seen in the trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home : being able to erase the memory of its targets. This is especially what Peter Parker asked him when his secret identity was revealed to the world, even if all those close to him may also forget it. Series What If …? on Disney + also allowed us to explore his other abilities. In the future, Stephen will be able to harness the magic of the Dark Dimension, becoming even more powerful by absorbing mystical (often demonic) beings. This power implies the fact that it can substitute the energy of these creatures come from darkness, but also the fact of being able to take their appearance and live again thanks to them.

Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Thereafter, Doctor Strange will also be able to master the Vishanti protection spell, allowing whoever takes advantage of it to be unattainable.. Thanks to his new abilities in the field of black magic, the supreme sorcerer can gradually become immortal. The question is, at what cost? As we could see in What If …?, everything has a cost, and these are often terrible repercussions … He can also trap his worst enemies in an empty dimension, condemning them never to leave it again. Finally, we can imagine that his perception of space and time will only become better over the course of his experiences, which is why Doctor Strange 2 is expected as an even more ambitious film than Spider-Man No Way Home.


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