One theory justifies Peggy Carter’s possible return in Doctor Strange 2 with good reason.

Earlier this year, new rumors about the plot of Doctor Strange 2 mentioned the return of Peggy Carter, played in the MCU by Hayley Atwell. A comeback that would be rather surprising if it really takes place, but which could nevertheless be explained thanks to the series What If …? according to a theory by The Direct. At first, the site evokes the fact that it is not just Agent Carter who would be there, but Captain Carter, the version of the character just introduced in What If …?. In the series, it is indeed the agent of SHIELD that is injected the serum of the Super Soldier, and not Steve Rogers. Later, she is chosen to join the Guardians of the Multiverse. Peggy could then be back in Doctor Strange 2 in order to play the role of guide of the multiverse for the Supreme Sorcerer who, in the teaser of Spider-Man No Way Home, admitted not knowing much about this concept.

Captain Carter in What If ...?
Captain Carter in What If …? – Credit (s): Marvel Studios, Disney +

Captain Carter could thus tell him more about its functioning and warn him of the possible dangers that he could face. The Direct also points out that in What If …? Peggy got to know another version of Doctor Strange, and seemed to be the most apt heroine to answer questions about the workings of space-time. The site also raises the possibility that Captain Carter would not have a prominent role in Doctor Strange 2, which already hosts a large gallery of characters. She would then simply be back for a cameo, and the Sorcerer Supreme could meet her on her journey through the multiverse. While these assumptions make sense, they are nonetheless speculation, since the presence of Peggy Carter in the casting of this second opus has not at all been confirmed by the studios.

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