A detail concerning Denitsa Ikonomova and Laurent Maistret seemed to confirm their couple for several weeks already.

It’s the info that surprised everyone lately! Denitsa Ikonomova would be in a relationship with Laurent Maistret, an emblematic candidate of Koh Lanta. Several months after her supposed breakup with actor Rayane Bensetti, the 34-year-old professional dancer would have turned the page by starting a new love affair with the 38-year-old adventurer. A rather surprising news, especially since Denitsa Ikonomova and Laurent Maistret had participated in season 7 of Dance with the stars, which they had won together. If some are still skeptical about the veracity of this love story, one detail seemed to confirm their romance several weeks ago!

Denitsa Ikonomova and Laurent Maistret as a couple?
Denitsa Ikonomova and Laurent Maistret as a couple?

Denitsa Ikonomova and Laurent Maistret have been hiding their relationship from everyone for several weeks already … The two stars were indeed together during a seaside vacation, since they both posted in their stories Instagram respective aboard a boat on August 28th. If several other dancers from Dance with the stars were also with them during these holidays, this detail could thus confirm the secret love story of Denitsa Ikonomova and Laurent Maistret, which would last for a while already. This will alert curious Internet users about this rapprochement a little more! In parallel, Rayane Bensetti would be ready to become a dad on his side.

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