Here is which actor according to Demi Moore deserves to be paid less than her.

Present on the screen since the 80s, Demi Moore is now at the head of an incredible fortune that would make more than one pale. It’s very simple, the judicious choices of the pretty brunette in terms of career have allowed her to be ranked among the most bankable actresses. However, While Demi has a well-stocked bank account, that doesn’t prevent her from being outnumbered by her male co-stars when it comes to compensation. Invited on the set of James Corden in 2019, the actress lent herself to the game of “Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts” which consists of answering embarrassing questions or tasting an abject food.

Among the questions posed by the famous animator were the following: “You are considered a pioneer of equal pay for women in Hollywood. Who is the actor that you worked with who got paid more than you when he didn’t deserve it?” While Demi Moore has collaborated with big names during her career including Patrick Swayze, Michael Douglas or Woody Harrelson, the actress finally lets go of the name of her ex-husband and father of her daughters: “I don’t know if I could say he didn’t deserve it. It’s not necessarily for me to say … I would say Bruce Willis”. An answer that did not fail to trigger a general laughter on the set. And for even more info, here is the actress Demi Moore confronted when she thought she was cheated on by Bruce Willis.

Credit: The Late Late Show with James Corden
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