Warning the eyes ! Demi Lovato has adopted a new look, the result of which is already causing a lot of talk.

Last month, Maisie Williams surprised everyone by appearing completely transformed on the Web. Nevertheless, the interpreter of Arya Stark in the series Game Of Thrones is not the only celebrity to try different looks and for good reason, Demi Lovato has also decided to change completely. As you can see on these few photos shared by the Daily Mail, the 29-year-old American singer opted for a mullet cut, a long shirt and high heeled ankle boots as she accompanied Paris Hilton on a shopping spree in West Hollywood.

A radical change of look which is far from having won unanimous support on social networks as evidenced by these few reactions: “What the fuck happened to Demi?”, “I don’t understand what’s going on here. I don’t understand anything at all”, “This is not a great look”, “Demi Lovato looks ridiculous”, “What costume is she wearing?”, “Is that a joke?”, “OMG Demi”, “Demi is beautiful except for this hairstyle … What’s going on?” could we read in particular. And you what do you think ? At the same time, Demi Lovato has lashed out at people who constantly talk about her weight.


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