Demain Nous Belongs in advance of Friday October 6, 2023 on TF1: Mona unmasked, Benjamin back Follow us

Demain Nous Belongs in advance of Friday October 6, 2023 on TF1: Mona unmasked, Benjamin back Follow us

Summary of episode 1530 of Tomorrow belongs to usbroadcast on TF1, Friday October 6, 2023. Benjamin (Alexandre Varga) is back in Sète. But now, after Alma’s death, he no longer finds meaning in his profession as a doctor. He wants to stop everything. Faced with this defeatist discourse, Victory (Solène Hébert) and Soizic (Charlie Nune) decide to join forces.

The two doctors set up a ploy. She asks him to examine a young patient, claiming that the pediatrician is not competent. But Doctor Ventura quickly realizes the desperate attempt of his colleagues to convince him to return to the Sète hospital. In vain…

For his part, Luna (Paloma Reynaud) is the target of hate messages on her Instagram account. If Dorian (Rayane Huber) is worried about her, she doesn’t really seem affected by the words of this Troll34.

But now, the young man investigated around him. He suspected his ex-partner, Camille (Elisa Ezzedine), but also Nathan (Adrien Gabeulet). Neither of them is capable of inflicting such words on Luna despite their disappointments in love.

Mona makes a mistake

Luna receives a photo of her stalker by accident. We see the Spoon card with a woman’s feet. Luna is sure: Mona (Catherine Benguigui) is Troll34. The young woman visits him at the restaurant and asks him for explanations.

If Georges’ mother criticizes the young woman for not having been sufficiently clear with Nathan about the nature of her feelings, she denies having any responsibility in this flood of hateful messages. However, Mona is indeed the author.

When Luna leaves the establishment, Mona asks Nathan to help her delete all the comments she posted but she is unable to do so. For his part, Nathan repeats to her that he had warned her: it’s serious to harass people on social networks. Mona explains her action by the helplessness she felt in the face of her sadness…

Later, Dorian stops by the Spoon and explains to Nathan that he never wanted to hurt him. The young waiter believes that he should have told him the nature of his intentions towards Luna instead of letting him hope for some kind of story. For him, their friendship is over.

The investigation is progressing

Bruno (Kévin Levy) dropped a few bags of drugs in his path, while fleeing the house Gilles (Laurent Gamelon) searched by the police. Nathan’s father now owes several million euros to Joris, who knows that Bruno has a son.

And the gangster does not hesitate to threaten the young server of Spoon with death in order to put pressure on his father. Bruno has only 24 hours to find the money he owes Joris, otherwise Nathan could be in danger.

For their part, the investigators place Gilles in police custody. The brother of Marianne (Luce Mouchel) has a drug-related criminal record. Although the case dates back thirty years, he is once again worried by the courts since the goods were on the construction site of his house. He denies being involved in trafficking but Karim (Samy Gharbi) has no other choice but to place him in police custody.

By combining the information collected by Roxane (Raphaële Volkoff) and Damien (Adrien Rob), the investigators manage to understand that Vince was a dealer involved in the same drug trafficking. His death could therefore be linked to this affair. Furthermore, his prints were found on one of the bags left on the ground by Bruno…

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