If the scenario of death loop concerns a time loop, the game is moving forward. Its third update in 8 months adds more than nice features: a photo mode and various accessibility features. To celebrate the occasion, Arkane split a trailer.

Deathloop takes pictures

The photo mode, very complete, is only available in solo mode for obvious reasons. A large amount of tools, detailed in note patches, allow you to adjust and capture the perfect shot. And the least we can say is that the incredible situations of Deathloop offer a host of opportunities! A large palette of filters sublimates the final photo. It is also possible to add stickers or, even better, change the character (Colt or Julianna), her outfit and her weapons. All outfits and weapons are automatically unlocked to allow you to give free rein to your creativity.

But the bulk of the update is in accessibility options. First, it is now possible to navigate through the menus using the keyboard or the directional keys on the controller. Speaking of menus, the already existing accessibility options have been grouped into a common section. At the first launch of the game, it will be possible to adjust the subtitles according to your preferences.

Then, a bunch of changes can be made to the game to change its behavior and adjust the difficulty. Number of Replays (kinds of bonus lives) per loop, game speed, enemy health… all the parameters (or almost) are available to make your life easier. Ideal if you’d rather just rack your brains and complete Deathloop without becoming a ballistics crack.

Deathloop’s third patch is available today on PC and consoles.


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