The MCU and DCEU would have tackled similar themes had Zack Snyder been able to finish what he started.

Before there was a break with the Warner, Zack Snyder was gone to do a trilogy Justice league. The first film would have been followed by two others, which would have formed the two parts of the same big conclusion. The second feature film would of course have ended on a cliffhanger, and the third and final installment would have brought the story to a close. This blockbuster trio reportedly saw the Justice League lose to Darkseid, who managed to find the Anti-Life Equation and thus manipulated Superman. Wonder Woman and Aquaman would have had tragic endings. The fate of the universe would then have remained in the hands of Batman, Cyborg and Flash, who would have decided to use the latter’s link with the Speedforce to go back in time and defuse Darkseid’s victory.

The Avengers unite in Avengers Endgame
The Avengers reunite in Avengers Endgame – Credit (s): Giphy

The ultimate opus would have included a titanic battle bringing together all of Earth’s defenders, including the Green Lanterns. The story would have ended well except for Batman, who would have sacrificed himself to save Lois and thus prevent the switch of Superman on the side of the ruler of Apokolips. Forever grateful, Lois and Clark would have subsequently nudged their child to become Gotham’s new Vigilante. We would therefore have had a conclusion in two parts, heroes killed in combat, a journey through time, help from space, a battle bringing together all the heroes, a happy ending for a couple and a sacrifice. Does that remind you of anything?

Justice League in the Snyder Cut
Justice League in the Snyder Cut – Credit (s): DC Comics, HBO Max, Warner Bros

As pointed out Screen Rant, the similarities between the Snyderverse and the MCU’s Infinity Saga conclusion are quite striking.While doing things their own way, Warner Studios and Marvel would have ended up with two fairly similar universes, around the same time. Zack Snyder Even had as a project a film on the character Atom, played by Ryan Choi, who would then have been the first Asian superhero of the DCEU, just as Shang-Chi will become the first Asian hero of the MCU. What make us more regret the fact that the Warner has completely abandoned the idea of ​​pursuing the Snyderverse. Luckily for Zack Snyder, he still has plenty of plans under the elbow.

Credits: Screen Rant, Marvel Studios, DC Comics, Warner Bros, HBO Max
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