Dadju and Ninho have just released a new title “Grand bain”. We tell you everything!

While we invited you to take a look at our music recap of the week with Gambi who announced the release of his album La vie est belle, Ninho, Hatik and SPri Noir who were nominated at the BET Awards and full other news still, we will now be interested in Ninho. As you know, the rapper loves collaborating with other artists and he has struck again! After several weeks of teasing, Dadju finally released the sound he recorded with the interpreter of Letter to a woman. The song is called Large Bath, we let you listen to it and we’ll talk about it later in this article.

In just 3 days, the title is approaching 700,000 views on Youtube, without a clip! At the same time, we do not know what you think but at the editorial of melty we find this featuring completely successful. This is the second time that Dadju and Ninho have collaborated together and we hope that they will still share songs as heavy as this in the future! While waiting for more info on the subject, we will stay in the theme of French rap with Jul who unveiled the clip of his song Italia available on his double album La Machine. We bet you that we will hear this sound turn all summer!


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