Dadju: “All children rebel one day”, the artist responds to Tayc’s tackle Follow us

Dadju: “All children rebel one day”, the artist responds to Tayc’s tackle Follow us

For artists, working alongside professionals evolving in the same environment is essential. This, whether with the aim of expanding your network or collaborating with other artists. However, enmities are possible. And it is not uncommon to witness more or less frequent clashes between rappers, singers or other personalities every day. Recently, it’s Tayc, famous French R’N’B singerwho got people talking about him.

Indeed, the interpreter of For us And Dodo did not hesitate to tackle Dadju, Gim’s brother, also a renowned singer on the French scene, on social networks. Through an Instagram story, he posted the following message on the night of October 11 to 12: “ Used terms ‘ prince ‘ Or ‘ gentleman as much as you want to define yourself… But here, we know your true face “. Tayc then posted a second story in which the following annotation appears: Humans disgust me “.

Dadju tackles Tayc on social networks

Although Tayc did not target anyone in particular with his comments, many pointed fingers the singer Dadju. The reason is certainly linked to the fact that he calls himself “Prince Dadj”, as well as to the fact that his first solo album has the title Gentleman 2.0. The Indifference prod artistic agency, which represents Dadju, was quick to respond to this attack.

It’s a clash that surprised many people, whether among music professionals or among fans of the two artists. Indeed, the two singers have collaborated several times in the past. In particular, they interpreted the titles Please And OK in 2019. According to AudienceTayc would have shared these messages with a view to “defend one of his collaborators”. Dadju, for his part, also spoke and responded to his former collaborator. “All children rebel one day… Afterwards, they remember who is who and it goes down again. My number is in his phone book. The rest is cinema “, he posted on his X account (formerly Twitter) on October 12. To be continued.

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