Dadju against Tayc: has war been declared? “We know your true face” Follow us

Dadju against Tayc: has war been declared? “We know your true face” Follow us

Between Dadju and Tayc, nothing is going well! It seems that there is really water in the gas between the two singers, although they were once very good friends. Both afro/R&B icons have also collaborated several times together, giving rise to titles like Please And OK. But in recent months, it seems that their personal and professional friendship is no longer in good shape. First point of alert: the two French stars no longer follow each other on Instagram since April 2023, as reported by the African media Mbote. If no explanation had been provided by the singers, in this month of October 2023, Tayc has added a layer that risks getting people talking.

In fact, the interpreter of Room 69 published a very enigmatic message on Instagram. “Use the terms ‘Prince’ or ‘Gentleman’ as much as you want to define yourself… But here, we know your true face”, writes Tayc in story. Before adding: “Humans repugn me.” If he did not explicitly say who was targeted in this message, we can easily guess that it is his former friend Dadju. In fact, the first album of Gims’ brother was entitled Gentleman 2.0. It is therefore very possible that the acolyte of Fauve Hautot in Dancing with the Stars refers to Dadju. Moreover, according to exclusive information from Audience, a source close to Tayc indeed confirmed this theory. Without revealing more details, our colleagues explain that it “would thus defend one of his collaborators”.

Tayc vs Dadju: Internet users are on fire!

Quickly following the story of Tayc, reactions are going well on the web. Internet users trying as best they could to understand the origin of this conflict between the two singers. Thus, we can read on X, formerly Twitter: “Tayc who is talking about Dadju? A drama in the romance industry? “, “Dadju, what’s his problem??? », “Um, is there a war that broke out between Tayc and Dadju? ». Or : “In fact, Tayc is either marketing us and he’s going to do a feat with Dadju, or he’s really angry”, “So Tayc is in a relationship with Dadju’s ex? », “Dadju who is still in trouble”. You will have understood, there are many theories! Will we get the end of this story? The interpreter of Queen will he speak in turn? To be continued…

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