For several days, Coralie Porrovecchio has completely disappeared from social networks… And for good reason, she gave birth to her second child! A baby boy who was born earlier this week. And it is on her Instagram account that she has just announced the good news. Coralie Porrovecchio explains: “January 10, 2022 here we are. We welcomed our second son in love. Kingsley Kamara has come to complete our family and how can I tell you…we are living the best times of our lives. Thank you life ❤️”. A first name that she knew how to keep secret until the last moment…

Coralie Porrovecchio
Coralie Porrovecchio — Credit(s): Instagram porrovecchiocoralie

An ad that made Internet users react, more than 66,000 of them liking it in just 30 minutes. On the side of the comments that were published, we could read: “Congratulations to you ❤️ (…) Welcome your second little prince ❤️ (…) Congratulations ❤️ (…) Congratulations, mini Kamara is born ❤️. Kingsley Kamara I hope you will be too stronger than your father ❤️(…) Oh much happiness ❤️ (…) Congratulations to you and only happiness ❤️❤️(…) Congratulations and much happiness to you 4 ❤️(…) Congratulations and full of happiness to your little family (…) Oh too cute. We suspected it given your sudden disappearance from the networks. Can’t wait to see his little face “.

Reality TV candidates react to the birth of Coralie Porrovecchio

And Internet users are not the only ones to have reacted to the birth of the second child of Coralie Porrovecchio. Her reality TV castmates also came forward via the comments. This is the case ofAnais Camizuli who commented: “❤️❤️❤️❤️”. Laura Lempika posted the exact same message. For her part, Martika congratulated Coralie Porrovecchio by liking her Instagram post. At the writing of melty, we join all this beautiful little world to send our congratulations to Coralie Porrovecchio and Boubacar Kamara!


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