Netflix returns to the scandal of bribes paid by celebrities for the admission of their children to prestigious schools with the docu The Scandal of University admissions. The teaser and the release date revealed!

More than a year ago, we learned that actresses Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives) and Lori Loughin (Summerland) were indicted after paying bribes to get their children to prestigious universities. Today, Netflix decides to come back to this affair with a document entitled Varsity Blues (The French College Admissions Scandal). At the head of this project? Chris Smith, the one who directed the controversial docu-series Tiger King, a project that caused a lot of ink to flow since its release. We will be particularly interested in the career of businessman Rick Singer, the organizer of this affair and CEO of The Key, as well as his methods for recruiting new clients, namely parents who want to offer the best in terms of education to their children.

Rick Singer’s programs were limited to the imagination of parents: they allowed children to cheat in their university entrance tests, falsify sports diplomas or even make possible the corruption of those responsible for school. Felicity Huffman and actress Lori Loughlin were obviously among her clients, but it’s not yet clear if Netflix was allowed to quote them in his documentary. What we do know is that it will plunge us into the heart of the investigation carried out by the FBI when the scandal broke, revealing to the spectators real telephone conversations recorded.. The University admissions scandal will be available from March 17 on the streaming platform. In the meantime, we let you discover the excellent thriller I Care A Lot worn by Rosamund Pike, also on Netflix.

Credit: Netflix


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