Once again, Cloé Cooper has changed her look and the result may surprise many.

As we know, Cloé Cooper, who made a big update after being pushed by Internet users to have a baby, regularly changes her head and is known for being daring in terms of looks. The proof, the young woman had recently opted for a short square, the result of which was unanimous among Internet users. Unfortunately for the latter who had become accustomed to the new Cloé, it has once again changed its appearance and for good reason, it is ironed with long hair with the help of extensions. In his stories Instagram, the pretty brunette explains: “At the risk of disappointing many, I unfortunately did not know how to love myself with my square (…) I feel much better in my skin like that”.

A result unveiled on his social network which has already received an impressive number of reactions: “I prefer the short cut but you are very pretty anyway”, “You look great but your bob looked so good on you”, “Very pretty but I have a preference for the square which suits you perfectly and this color is sublime”, “I validate the long hair”, “You become more and more beautiful Cloé”, “The long hair suits you super good! You are very beautiful “ could we read in particular. You will understand, opinions are very divided! And since we are in the theme, also discover the result of the new look of Melanight.

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