Following her comments on Maeva Ghennam, Cloé Cooper is very angry and she revealed the reasons by speaking again about it on her social networks.

We told you about it at the editor of melty, recently, during an interview with Sam Zirah, Cloé Cooper tackled Maeva Ghennam and this, in a rather violent way. Following his words, the former candidate of Angels 12 has been the subject of numerous articles and that does not have him more. Very angry, the young woman spoke in a story on her Instagram account to make a huge update. As you can see from the video above, Sebastien’s girlfriend said: “Regarding my interview with Sam Zirah, I wanted to put something back in its place because as you can see right here, a lot of my words are distorted and on purpose. p * te clicks so certainly not with me, clearly not, I’ll tell you right away. I have never criticized Maeva Ghennam’s work, her product placements or even her brand as I could see on some accounts. Absolutely not! “.

Maeva Ghennam and Cloé Cooper
Maeva Ghennam and Cloé Cooper – Credit (s): W9, NRJ12

Cloé Cooper has followed : “I say that a person like her, who does an average of two to three broadcasts a year, can afford if they wish to present four dropshipping placements, so sh * t for me eh, per day, if she wants it since people will continue to follow her and she will show as much view in her storys. Which is not my case since I no longer do TV, I have a lot less subscribers and the people are looking for a lot more credibility in me. I didn’t say that’s what she was doing, I didn’t say her brand was bullshit so don’t distort my words, I’m going to get mad! (…) And if I spoke of Maeva Ghennam and that I said her name, it is simply because I know her. We did the same show, we met later, we know each other and she is totally in the category of people who are concerned, that is to say those who broadcast several times a year and who have lots of views. (…) “. So that is clear! Also, find out if Virgil is interned in a psychiatric and bipolar hospital, Cloé Cooper has made new revelations.

Credit: Instagram: cloecooper_off
Other files: Angels 12


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