Here is what awaits you next week in the continuation of season 10 of Clem on TF1!

That’s it ! After months of waiting, season 10 of Clem finally debuted on September 14 on TF1. Between new unexpected plots, suspense, revelations, love stories and new characters, we will not be bored! Exactly, it’s time to find out what awaits you in the next two unseen episodes broadcast next week on the first channel, but beware of spoilers … Emma’s health will worsen due to the poisoning with which she is is a victim. The little girl will be hospitalized again for several days, her kidneys even threatening to fail if a solution is not found. Clem will be in a hurry to find the cause of his daughter’s ill-being in order to save her.

Emma is getting worse and worse
Emma is getting worse and worse – Credit (s): tf1

And in reality, it is not the water which is poisoned, but it is a material used in the clothes coming from the factory where Clem works which presents a big danger for Emma! The mother will take big risks to make this story explode … At the same time, Valentin will continue to get closer to Clara by even sleeping with her, which will obviously break Izia, very in love with him … But luckily, the teenager will be able to count on the support of Victoire and the parents of the young girl. Next week in the series TF1, Inès and Clem will also set a trap for Fred to find out what he is hiding, he who in the end knows Leah, who pretends to be Rachel.

Fred soon unmasked
Fred soon unmasked – Credit (s): tf1

If Leah (Rachel) does not seem to be his wife, she is however aware of Caro’s death and of the car accident which plunged Clem into a coma … Exactly, the heroine of the series and Inès will learn that Fred set his motorcycle on fire, which therefore completely suggests that he is the culprit of this tragic accident. As for Adrian, he will start his job as an escort boy and will take pleasure in discovering Nathalie, with whom he will forge very strong bonds, enough to put his relationship with Justine in danger! Finally, Salomé will also experience great difficulties between her medical exam and her job at the barracks … While waiting to see all this, you can discover another very big spoiler on the person responsible for Caro’s death in season 10 of Clem.


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