Very teasing, Chris Hemsworth (Avengers Endgame) trolled a TV show.

A few weeks ago, Chris Hemsworth (Avengers Endgame) created hysteria on the Web with an amazing video. Whoever plays Thor likes to cause riots in his audience, whether on the Internet or in real life. The proof being with his last surprise appearance in the middle of a TV show … Very teasing, Chris Hemsworth kindly ruined a live weather anchor from The Today Show while it was positioned in the Australian countryside. When the journalists gave her the antenna in duplex, the young woman started to speak but was very quickly interrupted by Chris Hemsworth!

As the reporter tried to do her job, the 37-year-old actor was seen walking around behind her and then grabbing the microphone to present the weather forecast for her. And surprisingly, despite this sudden appearance, Chris Hemsworth did very well! If we do not know exactly why this interaction took place, the young woman present alongside the actor seemed to be aware of his intrusion, unlike the two journalists on the set, totally shocked to discover Chris Hemsworth on air. In any case, if the interpreter of Thor one day wants to change his career, he can convert to television! Still about Chris Hemsworth (Avengers Endgame), discover this crazy gesture he made out of love with Elsa Pataky.


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