Poor Chris Evans! The actor accidentally posted a photo of his penis on Instagram and ignited the Web.

It wasn’t too long ago that Chris Evans went viral for some hilarious reason. Today, the actor finds himself at the heart of the news despite himself. And for good reason, the interpreter of Captain america mistakenly disclosed a photo of her gender in her Instagram story. But what happened? On Saturday, September 12, the comedian shared a video screenshot in which he played with his family at Heads Up, a game that involves guessing your personality by asking your opponents questions. When the clip ended, internet users were able to sneak a glimpse of the star’s photo and video gallery, where they quickly spotted the snapshot of a penis.. An image that seems to have been taken by the hero of the saga Avengers.

Very quickly, Chris Evans who would consider moving in with Lily James, deleted his story Instagram. But the damage was done, the actor found himself in the most discussed topics on Twitter. The reactions have been numerous. However, if some users of the blue bird social network have given themselves to their heart’s content on the jokes and other sometimes hilarious memes, most fans of the comedian are indignant at the people who share the famous cliché en masse, calling for respect for his private life. And we join them! As for the main concerned, he did not speak on the subject. Chris Evans Will he speak or will he prefer to wait for the buzz to die down? Case to be continued.


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