When we talk about Metal Gear, we generally think of Metal Gear Solid, the license relaunched in 1998 on PS1. But in reality, Metal Gear is over 10 years older. Because Hideo Kojima was already around in 1987, when he was dating Konami on MSX2 an action/stealth game called Metal Gear. It is then adapted on NES, Commodore 64 and DOS, and is easily considered as one of the precursors of infiltration, even if from now on, the subsequent games will have overshadowed it. We come back to this revolutionary game on the occasion of its 35th anniversary this year!

Already solid script bases

Check Your Retro: Metal Gear celebrates its 35th anniversary

Metal Gear features a group of mercenaries who cause a crisis in South Africa by erecting a fortress called Outer Heaven. The latter would house a new weapon that could threaten the balance of nuclear deterrence forces. In this context, a special forces unit named Fox Hound is responsible for gathering information. A certain Solid Snake is sent there to investigate. We can see it: all the scenario bases of the license are directly laid with this very first opus, and Kojima will only expand his universe with all the following games.

The beginnings of infiltration

Check Your Retro: Metal Gear celebrates its 35th anniversary

On the gameplay side, Metal Gear lays the foundation for what will become the stealth genre. The goal is not to fight enemies, but rather to avoid them to make them ignore our presence. Moreover, this concept of infiltration was mainly born because of the technical restrictions of the MSX2: in doing so, few enemies could be displayed on the screen. The important thing is that Metal Gear, the first of its name, gave birth to one of the most respected and appreciated licenses in video games.


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