Nintendogs, the famous game that lets you take care of Medor or Snowy on Nintendo DS, is celebrating its 15th birthday this month! Back to this social phenomenon.

Tamagotchi is not new to Japan. The very first of them dates from 1996 (by Bandai). Quickly, these little virtual animals that we have to take care of as we would take care of a pet have become a social phenomenon in Japan, before being exported in the early 2000s all over the world. And necessarily, it didn’t take long before the video game industry, and in particular Nintendo, took inspiration from it to offer an even more rewarding and immersive experience to Tamagotchi fans.. This is how that in 2005 was released Nintendogs, which offers Nintendo DS owners to take care of one or more virtual pets. And the success was immediate.

Gameplay that employs all the features of the DS
Gameplay that employs all the features of the DS

The gameplay is simple, but allows the player to use all the original qualities of the Nintendo DS: you can use the touch screen to play with your dog, scratch it, clean it, tickle it, etc. We can also use the microphone of the system in various situations, such as when you want to call your dog. You can also choose between 6 different breeds of dogs, to have something for everyone. Moreover, we are on a rather basic Tamagotchi experience: we feed, we watch, and our animal grows. If he doesn’t get enough care from us, he may also run away for good.

Welcome and success

An undeniable success
An undeniable success

Not only has the game been incredibly well received by critics, it has also enjoyed some pretty mind-blowing sales figures for a “Tamagotchi” type game. No real story or real goal, and yet it sold over 2 million copies in Japan, boosting sales of the Nintendo DS when it was released by 400%! In the rest of the world, it is quite simply the best-selling DS game, with a total of around 13 million sales in 2007, for a total of 42 million DS sold.. In other words, one in three Nintendo DS owners had Nintendogs. In short, we are here on a success as only Nintendo can do, on an innovative and risky concept, which has been able to please a large number of players in need of dogs.

To come up ?

Despite this success, the last Nintendogs game dates from 2011: Nintendogs + Cats, released on 3DS. Since, the license is at a standstill, yet the Switch could have been the perfect opportunity to bring it back to the fore.. Especially since other studios have been able to take advantage of the absence of Nintendogs games to offer their own vision of Tamagochi for pets. We think in particular of Imagineer, who proposed in 2019 Little Friends Dogs & Cats on Nintendo Switch, using most of the ingredients of Nintendogs. So it would seem that the license is abandoned today …


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