Final Fantasy Tactics is undoubtedly one of the best “spin-offs” from the Final Fantasy license. It is also the opus which will have made it possible to launch the whole arc of Ivalice, then taken up in Vagrant Story, FF Tactics Advance, FF Tactics A2 or even Final Fantasy XII. This week, FF Tactics celebrates its 25th anniversary, and it’s an opportunity for us to look back on the reasons for this incredible success, and especially its cult status today.

Yasumi Matsuno and his know-how

Check Your Retro: Final Fantasy Tactics celebrates its 25th anniversary

Yasumi Matsuno, former member of the Quest company, realizes with FF Tactics his first project with Square. He imagines the world of Ivalice, centered on a conflict between two noble families who covet the throne of the Kingdom (“The War of the Lions”). We follow the character Ramza Beoulve, a young apprentice knight whose goal is to restore peace. With its great political dimension, FF Tactics offers a deeper, more political storyline than most mainline franchise adventures. This direction is very inspired by a game released two years earlier: Tactics Ogre Let’s Cling Together, Yasumi Matsuno’s previous project.

Fan-favorite FF spin-off?

Check Your Retro: Final Fantasy Tactics celebrates its 25th anniversary

FF Tactics thus takes up the graphic style of Tactics Ogre, but also its narrative construction and its predominant political aspect in the scenario. Thanks to this more “adult” side, FF Tactics immediately met with enormous success with fans of the license, becoming over the years one of the players’ favorite Final Fantasy spin-offs.. And besides, it’s not for nothing that subsequently, other games have taken over the universe of Ivalice.


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