Charline and Vivien, Élodie and Joachim, Florian, Emma … To find out what happened to the former candidates of Married at first sight, it’s here!

Is Laure pregnant with Matthew? If viewers of season 5 of the romance show believe it, it’s now more than four years since the show Married at first sight arrived in France, on M6. The concept ? After having carried out tests with the help of several experts, the selected candidates meet for the first time their future husband or wife with whom they are compatible, at the town hall, on the wedding day! Thus, each season, couples are formed and if some divorce at the end of the experience, others survive and still have the perfect love, even a few years after this incredible adventure. Moreover, the editorial of melty offers you without further delay to discover what has become of the former candidates of Married at first sight. Among them, you will find Charline and Vivien, Elodie and Joachim, Florian, Emma and many more.


Cuter than them, you die! Remember, it was during season 3 of the show that Charline and Vivien met. Just minutes after their first exchange, they said to each other “Yes” for life, and since then, they never leave each other! More than two years after their marriage, in January 18, 2021, the two candidates became the parents of an adorable little girl named Victoire. Since then, they have been living on a cloud nine and this is likely to continue as they have decided to renew their wedding vows this year.


This is THE unforgettable couple from season 4 of M6’s romance program! More touching than the other, Élodie and Joachim got married in June 2019, for better or for worse. Since their union, they are still as madly in love and happier than ever. If they have already moved in together and overcome the test of confinement with flying colors, the two lovebirds have many other projects such as traveling or investing in real estate.


Is Florian single or in a relationship? This is the question we ask ourselves after delving a little into our social networks. As a reminder, the young man tried the experiment Married at first sight in 2017, during season 2. If he had said “Yes” to Emma and that they were ready to spend the rest of their lives together, unfortunately the two candidates divorced after a few months of marriage. Since then, Florian has had other romantic adventures. Moreover, at the end of 2020, he announced that he was in a relationship with Éléa, a candidate for The Circle. However, one wonders if the two lovebirds would not have broken up. The reason ? They no longer follow each other on social media and their photos together have been deleted. But, for the moment, none of the main concerned has formalized this possible rupture.


In 2017, Emma made many viewers dream thanks to her love affair with Florian in Married at first sight 2. Unfortunately, the two candidates got divorced very quickly after the filming of the show. Then, in 2018, the young woman announced to be in a relationship with Laurent, another candidate for season 2 of the M6 ​​romance program. Happier than ever, they had moved in together. But, after two years of love, in October 2020, Emma announced on her social networks that she was single again and since then it seems to be always the case!


As you can see from the photo above, after being married to Kevin and quickly divorced before the experience even ended, Marlene has found love again. The lucky one? Sebastien. After several months of a long-distance relationship, the two lovebirds moved together in Nice at the end of 2019. Since then, the couple are happier than ever and they keep making fiery statements on social media. We love !


Fate brought them together! This is the first couple that was formed thanks to the experience Married at first sight. While Tiffany and Justin both appeared in the show’s first season, they didn’t get married together. Experts have found the young woman to be compatible with Thomas and the young man to be compatible with Valentine. If the latter had not said “Yes” to Justin, Thomas and Tiffany’s marriage had also been a failure. But, in the end, it turned out to be bad for good because thanks to this show Justin and Tiffany met. After a big crush, they got into a relationship and then married in 2018. Since then, the two candidates have founded their own family by giving birth to two daughters, Romy and Zélie. And all together they took part in the show Moms and Famous, broadcast on TFX.


Adrien – Credit (s): M6

Like what, science is really not always exact! For the show’s experts Married at first sight, Adrien was 74% compatible with Mélodie. Despite this high percentage, love was not there for the two candidates who, in the final decision, wished to file for divorce. Since then, it seems that the young man still has not found the shoe to his feet!


Delphine was one of the iconic contestants for season 4 of M6’s romance program. Remember, when she arrived at the town hall and saw Romain, her future husband, for the first time, it was love at first sight. So it was no surprise that they had said to each other “Yes” for life in 2019. Following the experience, they lived a beautiful love story for several months. But, unfortunately, in 2020, Delphine announced that she had filed for divorce. The reason ? According to Romain, the confinement got the better of their couple. Since then, the young woman is still single and, as she revealed on her social networks, she is having a hard time recovering from her divorce.


So you will have understood, the love story between Romain and Delphine did not last! Since his divorce, the young man also seems to always be waiting to find the woman of his life, the one who will perhaps allow him to give one day, a little brother or a little sister to his daughter, from a previous union.


Florian – Credit (s): NRJ12

He had marked season 2 of the show thanks to the couple he formed with Charlene. But, unfortunately, their beautiful love story did not last since the two candidates filed for divorce a few months after the filming of the program. Following this experience of Married at first sight, Florian took his first steps in the world of reality TV. Remember, the young man participated in the Angels 10 and to Holiday of the Angels 3. Moreover, during this show, he met Yamina, with whom he lived a beautiful story which unfortunately ended in 2019, after more than a year of love. Since then, if we are to believe his social networks, Florian would always be a heart to take!

So the meltynauts, you are delighted to know now what has become of the former candidates of Married at first sight ? Also, know that the twins Aurélien and Mathieu were in a relationship during the show, his ex confirmed and gave new evidence.

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